Regimental Sergeant Major Handover

Regimental Sergeant Major Handover

Regimental Sergeant’s Major Baton Passed in Confidence

BDF Media Release| 10 September 20

Photography and Story credit: Private Kyle Straker

The Barbados Defence Force (BDF) is privileged to witness yet another change of command. After over four years of committed service to the Barbados Regiment (BR), Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Adrian Lopez passes the Regimental Sergeant Major baton over to Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Collin Marshall.

WO1 Lopez’s illustrious 35-year career started in the Reserve element of the Force before transitioning to Full-time service. Since assuming the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) on Tuesday 1 November 2016, WO1 proudly stated that as the face of the Barbados Regiment, his “…interactions with the men and women of the Regiment were satisfying, positive and provided memories that I will always cherish”. He reminisced glowingly on highlights such as the Independence and Remembrance Day parades where he was able to serve the BR and by extension BDF as the Conducting Warrant Officer.

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Incoming Regimental Sergeant Major, WO2 Colin Marshall, who is well versed in the Force’s military principles and training, eagerly said he is more than ready for the task at hand. WO2 Marshall who enlisted in the BDF on Wednesday 17 August 1994, having completed 26-years, noted that although, “…it will not be an easy task or walk in the park”, he will endeavour to continue serving the BDF and continually uphold its Core Values and high standards. WO2 Marshall went on to mention that, “WO1 Lopez has always been a mentor for me throughout my career and to follow in his footsteps has and will be a privilege…”.

WO1 Lopez summed up the handover ceremony by simply stating, “I know the Regiment and by extension the BDF are in good hands, Colin and I share the same alma matter, the St Michael School and I have continuously shared instruction with him (since), which started during his recruit intake batch in 1994…”

The Late Major Lubin ARC Maxwell

The Late Major Lubin ARC Maxwell

The Late Major Lubin A.R.C Maxwell

BDF Media Release| 24 August 2020

Photography credit: BDF Media

Today, the Barbados Defence Force mourns the loss of one of its stalwarts and visionaries, the late Major (ret’d) Lubin “Charlie” Maxwell.

Major Maxwell served the Force in various capacities for over 20 years and at the time of passing, was employed as the Building Rehabilitation and Projects Manager (BRPM).

On his retirement from active military duty he continued in the role of BRPM and contributed selflessly to the development of the Force, its modernization and service to Barbados.

The Chief of Staff, all ranks and civillian members of the Barbados Defence Force extend their sincerest condolences to his wife and family

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.