Military Women!  – First Female Master Chief Petty Officer

BDF Media Release| 07 September 21

Photography and Story credit: BDF Media

Master Chief Petty Officer Class 2 (MCPO 2) Sheldene Walrond hails proudly from the Ellerslie Secondary School and has served Barbados selflessly for 21 years. She is the first female to be promoted to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. MCPO 2 Walrond is the Divisional Chief of Engineering of the Barbados Coast Guard (BCG) and holds a Bachelor’s degree of Education, an Associate Degree in Applied Science and the City of Guilds 1 and 2 in Electronics. Throughout her career she has completed various courses such as Rescue Diver, Coxswain and Advanced Drill Instructor. In addition to her military and academic accomplishments, MCPO 2 Walrond has dominated the local Road Tennis courts. Some her achievements include attaining the following championships:

  1.    3 x Touch of Class A-Class,
  2.    2 x The Clash of the Titans,
  3.    2 x The Monarch A-Class and the
  4.    Carlton & A1 A-Class


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MCPO 2 Walrond endeavours to be an inspiration and role model for all members of the Force, with a focus on the development of its females. She aims to encourage the young women to persistently strive for excellence, through hard work, determination and self-value, despite any challenges which may occur. MCPO 2 Walrond envisages the BDF developing towards a modern multidisciplinary military, while improving its service rendered to the people and Government of Barbados.

MCPO 2 believes and seeks to be humble and place God first in everything she pursues. She believes firmly in applying oneself to assigned tasks, to avoid the need to repeat them a second time.