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After World War I, at the instigation of Field Marshall Earl Haigh and General Smuts, an association called “The British Empire League” was founded in 1921.   This was because of the disability, the social and economic conditions, and the plight of the War veterans.   At its inaugural conference, it was decided that the Legion’s policy would be in accordance with the Principles of the Commonwealth of Nations, and it should be non-sectarian and non-partisan in relation to party politics.   The Aim of the League was “That by charitable means to seek to ensure that no Empire Ex-serviceman or woman shall be without help if in need”.

Each Remembrance Sunday, the Legionnaires who are able to do so go on the Parade, while the others sit during the ceremony.   Afterwards, they go the Barbados Defence Force where they mix and chat with each other as well as with the Governor General and the Prime Minister.   Afterwards, they attend a luncheon laid on for them by the Legion Council at the Main Guard.