BDF Band Training Camp 2018

BDF Media Release | 04 SEPT 18
Photography credit:  Lcpl Bellamy C, Pte Brathwaite RR, OS  Matthews – Ifill J

The Barbados Defence Force Band commenced its annual 2-week training camp on Sunday 12 August 2018 at St Ann’s Fort, the Garrison. This period presents the opportune time to focus on the Band’s primary role in the provision of quality music for Force and private functions, and its operational role as medical staff.

The aim of Band Training Camp 2018 was to improve the operational readiness, general musicianship, band drill and physical fitness.  The primary objectives were to develop operational readiness competency as an element of the BDF Field Medical Facility, improve the overall quality of music, standardize band drill, and improve the fitness level of personnel.

Training was held on a daily basis in accordance with the training programme and included several Force engagements in week 1 and private functions in week 2. Marching and Concert Band rehearsals were conducted by Lt Brian Cole (Director of Music), Sgt Rouse C (Drum Major) and/or Cpl Alleyne St C (Bandmaster Ag). Physical Training was directed by CSgt Oughterson M and included self-defense sessions.  Band members also took part in a Hike in the Bath, St John area led by Extreme Hikers Barbados.

Pte Gittens K playing Tuba at the BDF 39th Anniversary Church parade.

The Field Medical Facility Training was a coordinated effort under the direct supervision of the FGMF staff and included First Aid training and briefs from Major Alfred Taylor and Major David Binks. The Band members are part of the medical first responders for the BDF for disasters or such like events.

The band was encouraged to nurture a spirit of volunteerism and see the benefits not only for our neighbours but for ourselves as well, as we may also be affected and their participation and experience in the training will assist emergency medical care to commence sooner.