The Barbados Defence Force



Colonel Leonard Banfield, LVO, MBE, ED, JP

1979 – 1980

Colonel Banfield joined the Barbados Battalion of the South Caribbean Force in 1941 having just left the Cadet Corps at Combermere School, and was granted a commission as a Second Lieutenant in 1942. He was a Platoon Commander and a Company Commander during the war and served in Barbados, Dominica, St Lucia and St Vincent. He was trained in Jamaica, British Honduras and Canada and specialised in weapons, unarmed combat and physical training.After he was demobilised as a Captain in 1947, he joined the Barbados Regiment and as was responsible for many of the improvements in the Regiment today. Among other Civil Service posts, he was the Assistant Superintendent of Prisons,before being appointed the first local Adjutant of the Barbados Regiment in 1964. Colonel Banfield was responsible…

Brigadier Rudyard Lewis, GCM, CVO, ED, JP

1980 – 1999

Brigadier Lewis was born in the parish of St Joseph and attended Southborough Boys School and Harrison College. At Harrison College, he was a member of the Cadet Corps and rose to the rank of Cadet Under Officer. While still at school he enlisted in the Barbados Regiment where he attained the rank of corporal and received the Best NCO award in 1958 and 1959. In March 1960 he opted to go to Jamaica to enlist in the re-formed West India Regiment and in 1962 he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after two years as a cadet at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he received the prize for Best Overseas Cadet. On his return to Jamaica from Sandhurst, he learned that the West India Regiment was to be disbanded (with the collapse of the short-lived West Indies Federation) and accepted a place in the new Jamaica…

Colonel Deighton Maynard, SCM, ED

1999 – 2003

Colonel Deighton Maynard joined the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) on its establishment in 1979, having served in the Barbados Regiment and reaching the rank of Lieutenant. Leaving behind a 20-year career as a teacher at the Combermere School, Colonel Maynard, then promoted to the rank of Captain joined the regular element of the BDF and was promoted to the rank of Major. On joining the BDF Colonel Maynard attended the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff Course and held various command and staff appointments such as Officer Commanding Harrison Point, St Lucy, Staff Officer Operations and Training and Commanding Officer of the Administrative Support Unit. Colonel Maynard always maintained a keen interest in sports and coached the national hockey team to many outstanding successes. He was instrumental…

Colonel Alvin Quintyne, BSS, JP

2003 – 2017

Colonel Quintyne enlisted in the Barbados Regiment in 1976 and later transferred to the Barbados Defence Force on its establishment as a full-time military force in August 1979. In August 1980 he attended Basic Officer’s Training in Canada and graduated from the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School in August 1981. On 15 August 1981, he was granted a Queen’s Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Element of the Barbados Defence Force. Since his commissioning, he rose through the ranks of the Officers’ Corps attaining promotions to the rank of Lieutenant in September 1983, Captain in September 1984, Major in June 1989, Lieutenant Colonel in February 1996 and Colonel in September 2003. Colonel Quintyne has held several command, staff and operational appointments in the Barbados Defence Force…

Colonel Glyne Sinatra Grannum, MSM, MBA, MDS, pcsc

2017 – 2021

Colonel Glyne Grannum joined the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) on 18 October 1985 and underwent career development training at the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School, Chilliwack and the Combat Training Centre, Gagetown New Brunswick, Canada. He subsequently attended the Infantry Training Centre and the Signal Wing in Warminster, UK (PCBC and RSO Courses respectively), the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Italy; the Lester Pearson Canadian Peacekeeping Centre, the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College, Kingston, the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College, Toronto, the National Defence University of the People’s Liberation Army People’s Republic of China and the Centre for Hemispheric Defence Studies, National Defence University, Washington. He also attended a Defence Resources Management programme at National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, Canada. In addition to being a qualified infantry officer, Col Grannum is a qualified Regimental Signals Officer and a former Operations Officer and Finance Officer of the BDF.