The Barbados Defence Force and Pan American Health Organization Medical Synergy Facilitates Type 1 Field Medical Training

BDF Media Release | 31 AUG 18
Photography credit:  Lt S Gollop

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in collaboration with the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) conducts a Field Facility Training Course. The course hosted by the BDF will be facilitated by PAHO representatives, Colonel (ret’ d) Dr Gustavo Alonso, Dr Sasha Peiris and Dr Dana Van Alphen.

The Type 1 Field Medical training hinges on the Government of Barbados’ policy, whereby, national agencies and resources must be able to mount a self-help response for the first 72 – 96 hours during and following a disaster. The course aims at enhancing the BDF’s and its inter-agency partners, the RSS, CDEMA and the DEM, roles in the context of disaster response surge capacity.

This will enable PAHO and other medical related partners to lend support during a disaster where either the main health facilities are not fully functional, or if there is a need to increase medical capacity at the main health facility or to deploy in areas which do not have easy access to the main health facility.

The course caters to both medical and non-medical personnel.


Personnel from the Barbados Regiment and  the Barbados Coast Guard listening attentively.