Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Leaf-toed Gecko

BDF Media Release| July21

Photography: BDF Media

The Barbados Defence Force in its environmental responsibility, partnered with the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification, to preserve and rehabilitate the leaf-toed gecko which is endemic to Barbados.

The endemic Leaf-toed gecko (Phyllodactylus pulcher) was rediscovered in 2011 after several decades of being assumed extinct. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) assessed the leaf-toed gecko was as critically endangered in 2017. Subsequent studies have indicated low densities in small areas of limestone cliff habitat on the north and south east coasts of Barbados.

The population found on the cliffs at Paragon Military base is of significant importance to the survival of the species, and based on the rehabilitation efforts of the Ministry and its stakeholders, there has been unified efforts by means of assistance in securing the habitat as this work by the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification is carried out.

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Field research with the Honourable Adrian Forde M.P., Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Mr Connor Blades – researcher, Captain P Alexander and Lieutenant S Gollop