BDF hosts US SOUTHCOM Command Chaplain

BDF Media Release | 24 AUG 18
Photography credit:  Lt S Gollop

BDF’s Senior Chaplain, Reverend Hugh Sandiford, recently hosted US SOUTHCOM Command Chaplain Colonel Greg Woodbury and his wife for brief presentations to the Barbados Defence Force. During his visit Colonel Woodbury engaged the other chaplains of the Force about the purpose and benefits of religion and faith to the Command of an Army, the impact of military spiritual counselling and the need to cater to all denominations of the Force.

Colonel Woodbury further indicated that Chaplains are the Force’s multipliers, the first resources for counselling and the blessing of the Force evolutions. He highlighted that the religious affairs of the Force are the command’s responsibility, as the chaplains are uniquely gifted and trained to be command’s advisors.
Colonel Woodbury implored the senior command to recognize the importance of the Chaplaincy in command decisions, counselling and being the Force’s intercessors.

CO BR (Ag) Major Wendy Yearwood and other senior BDF  Officers during Col Woodbury’s presentation.