Celebrating 54 Years of Independence

BDF Media Release| 30 November 20

Photography and Story credit: BDF Media

At this time of year, we are also reminded that the industry with which our brave forefathers sowed the seeds of success and of the many things we enjoy today must continue to bind our hearts from coast to coast with the pride of nationhood. As blessed Barbadians, loyal sons and daughters all and furthermore, twice the citizens as members of the BDF, we are undeniably strict guardians of our heritage. May the Lord continue to guide us upward and onward, inspired, exulting, free, greater in strength and rooted in unity.
My fellow servicepersons, let us step off into the year Barbados becomes 55 and across the horizon of 2021 recommitted to the service of Barbados and to delivering our responsibilities, missions and tasks professionally.

The Force will continue to stand together and pursue the highest standards in helping to build Barbados through military service. It remains an honour to be able to serve our beloved Barbados and for me, to be able to lead the BDF in so doing ” •••

Extracted from the Chief of Staff, Colonel Glyne Grannum’s Independence message to the members of the BDF.