BDF Recognizes Field Medical Facility Partners

BDF Media Release| 12 Dec 18

Photography credit:  Corporal Maynard D

The Barbados Defence Force held a special presentation Ceremony to formally recognize the contributions of several individuals and organizations in the development of the BDF Medical Facility and team.

Presentations were made to the following agencies and individuals; Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Crane and Equipment, Peter Moore’s Barbados Trust, Regional Security System (RSS), Caribbean Consultants Limited and Mr Anthony Mayers.

 Since the launch of the Barbados Defence Force Field Medical Facility six months ago with the donation of tents, cots, vital sign monitors and other logistics equipment, the BDF has been working steadily towards the development of a World Health Organization (WHO) accredited Type 1 Emergency Medical Team (EMT).  This EMT when fully functional, will be able to provide emergency ambulatory care for over 100 patients/day and will triage, treat minor trauma, stabilize and transfer emergencies and severe trauma.

To date over 100 volunteers made up of doctors, nurses, paramedics, artisans and other logistics specialists have been engaged in training with BDF personnel to prepare for the WHO accreditation and future deployment.

 The goal is for this asset to receive its accreditation by August 2019.  After receiving accreditation as a Type 1 EMT, the BDF intends to ultimately attain Type 2 status which sees the addition of surgical care with at least one Operating Room, 20 beds and a laboratory. The Type 2 will have the capacity 7 major and 15 minor surgeries per day and will operate on a 24-hour basis when deployed in the aftermath of a disaster.  The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other donors have continued to provide logistic and technical support to this project.

The team is still in the process of acquiring all of the necessary medical and logistics supplies.