Ellco Rentals Remains Committed

BDF Media Release| 6 February 2021

Photography and Story credit: BDF Media

Headquarters Barbados Defence Force acknowledges the kind assistance of Ellco Rentals Limited in the provision of two (2) 100-Foot tents to augment the BDFs capabilities to support the National Care Relief Packages programme. The BDF in partnership with Government ministries, agencies and other entities will receive goods for packaging and distribution to vulnerable households.

Mr Michael Hinkson, Director of Operations Ellco Rentals Ltd, explained that over the years, his company has developed a valued partnership with the BDF for various activities. The provision of the tents was a means of assisting the brave men and women of the BDF, as they continue to secure and safeguard the interests of all Barbadians. Moreover, Ellco Rentals Ltd is committed to assisting the Government and people of Barbados during the period of the National Pause, the fight against COVID-19 and beyond.

Thank you Mr Hinkson and Ellco Rentals!

We are in this together!