BDF in partnership with EUREC4A

BDF Media Release| 22 Jan 20

Photography credit: Able Bodied Seaman Bryan T

The Barbados Defence Force in partnership with the French Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) commenced a scientific campaign in the Caribbean Sea from 10 January – 29 February onboard the French oceanographic vessel the Atalante.

The research campaign called EUREC4A, will take place partly in the seas under the jurisdiction of Barbados. Its aim is to observe the ocean and atmosphere system in the western tropical Atlantic taking into account the hydrological and low-atmosphere observations at the ocean meso-scale.

Mr. Robbie Deane the director of deployment operation at Sail Drone, stated that they will be launching the last sail drone (SAILDRONE 1060) for the atomic partnership mission during the January phase of the project. This process is expected to last approximately 60 days for the first period and another 180 days for the second phase.

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Professor Karen Harewood, the principal scientist from the University of East England stated that this will be the first time they will be launching the drone AUTONAUT. She further mentioned that this type of research was being conducted in Barbados due its geographical location, as the most easterly Caribbean island.

The Barbados Defence Force in its partnership with the Sail Drone Company will provide a launch base and other support services to the project at the Barbados Coast Guard. Both drones will be monitoring different aspects such as wind speed, the speed of the water, solar radiation, water current and air temperature. The Barbados Coast Guard operational updates will be provided to all mariners to keep clear of the drones, via CH 16 VHF and 4.4478hz HF.

The team as expressed their satisfaction with the keen support provided by the Barbados Defence Force and envisages that this strategic partnership will be developed greater in the near future.

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