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The Barbados Garrison, largest in the British Colonies during the 18th and 19th centuries, is of great historic interest and offers many features, other than military, for those so inclined.  It was established in 1780 as the military headquarters for the Imperial Forces stationed here until 1905/6.  However, it began with St. Ann’s Fort, on its present site, in 1705.

The Main Guard, overlooking the Savannah, is one of the area’s most outstanding buildings architecturally and has a unique George III Coat of Arms, in Coade stone, which was designed especially for this building.

In 1906, the Main Guard was bought locally and converted into the exclusive Savannah Club but is now owned by the Barbados Government and is the headquarters for organisations such as the Barbados Legion and Barbados Poppy League.  It has a most imposing clock tower which chimes its way through the day helping those with no time-pieces of their own.