Gold for Culinary Arts Team

BDF Media Release| 30 Nov 19

Photography credit: Corporal Maynard D 

The Barbados Cadet Corps Culinary Arts team were overwhelmingly successful at this year’s National Cultural Foundation (NCF) NIFCA Culinary Arts competition. The eight-member team ranging from ages 12 – 14 were trained by Lieutenant Natalie Haynes in 1-month receiving 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze award. They were awarded gold for Best Lamb Seasoning, silver for their Tamarind Sauce, Mango Pepper Sauce and Tamarind Pepper Sauce and bronze for the creation of a mango passion custard.

The team comprising of Ethan Straughn, Chemar Holder, Dominic Blaze, Kyshawna Felix, Prince Conroy, Tanisha Knight, Nadeisha Brathwaite and Davian Holder, won the Barbados Diabetic award for their Diabetic Coconut Bread, made from Stevia extract and boasted zero calories.

The new chefs completed their winning streak when they captured the coveted Barbados Hotel Foods award by defeating the chefs from St Ann’s Fort and HMBS PELICAN in the highly competitive Combat Cooking Challenge.