The Honourable John King Visits St Ann’s Fort

BDF Media Release | 02 JUL18
Photography credit: Lieutenant Shímar Gollop

Today, the Chief of Staff Colonel Glyne Grannum; Commanding Officer Barbados Regiment Major Wendy Yearwood, Building Rehabilitation Project Manager Major Lubin Maxwell and Mr Peter Stevens, Vice President of the Barbados Garrison Historical Consortium Incorporated and the President of the Barbados National Trust; welcomed the Minister of the Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, the Honourable John King to St Ann’s Fort, the Garrison.

The purpose of the visit was to get a first-hand view of the buildings and among other things, to be briefed on the UNESCO World Heritage site’s status and on the scope of restorative work required.

Minister King toured key areas on the base, such as the Officers’ Mess and the Iron Barracks. At the end of the tour he was presented with copies of 2 books authored by the Late Major John Michael Hartland; Great Guns of Barbados and A Concise and Illustrated Military History of Barbados.

Minister King enters Officers’ Mess via tunnel.