Renaming of the BDF Medical Facility



NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF), Colonel Glynne Grannum, is hopeful that their refurbished medical facility will be able to answer the call to mass causalities.

Expressing appreciation during the renaming of the facility in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Florence Gittens, he said one of his visions is for a more resuscitated and expanded role capability for the health services platoon of the BDF, in the field of mass causality and disaster response:

Lt Col Florence Gittens receiving the salute at the renaming ceremony. (D. Maynard/BDF)

“The ravages wrought upon our Caribbean neighbours by hurricanes this year and the potential concern for seismic events and other mass causality causing public health events, demand that we can deploy a mobile, quick response field hospital as all modern military forces do.”

The purpose and value of the BDF’s medical facility he stressed, is to provide for the health and welfare of members of the military, which he added is essential to keeping all ranks fit to function by day, night and regardless of season, weather or terrain.

Opened on March 6, 1982, Colonel Grannum said the mission of the health services provided is to fix the nation’s service men and women when they are broken, provide rehabilitative treatment and return them to the proverbial frontlines in the shortest possible time.

The unveiling of the plaque. (D. Maynard/BDF)

Colonel Glynne Grannum further stated that they are proud to have expanded the range of services provides over the 38 years of the existence of the BFD.

“The range now includes expanded physiotherapy and renovated dental facilities in addition to the well-known hyperbaric medicine and admission ward bed space capabilities,” he explained.

The renaming is for him fitting and necessary given the sterling service of Lieutenant Colonel Florence Gittens to Barbados through and outside of the BDF. Not only has she had a successful military career he noted, but her contribution spans a period of over 40 years and includes the training of military and civilian health care professionals who have applied their skills across the globe.