Ordinary Court Martial of Private Raheem Reeves Adjourned

BDF Media Release| May 21

Photography: BDF Media

Headquarters Barbados Defence Force wishes to advise that the Ordinary Court Martial of Private Raheem Reeves has been adjourned and has not been dismissed.

The Convening Officer, The Chief of Staff – Colonel Glyne Grannum is currently reviewing the advice the President of the Court Martial, Major Alfred Taylor. The Judge Advocate Principal Crown Counsel Krystal Delaney advised the President and the members of the Court Martial that the case has been prejudiced by the improper actions of the Nation News, Barbados Today and Barbados Advocate media agencies.

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The Judge Advocate explained that the panel in the Court Martial of Private Reeves R, comprising of five commissioned officers, is akin to the nine (9) or twelve (12) jurors in a High Court trial, who have been selected to decide on a verdict for the accused. Thus, when the Court Martial Panel was withdrawn, proceedings in their absence, must not be published or disclosed to them in anyway.

The publishing of Voir Dire proceedings is contrary to the Defence Rules of Procedure and also for similar matters heard at a High Court. Additionally, there was further direction to the stenographer, by the Judge Advocate, that the transcript should be edited or redacted to remove the Voir Dire proceedings. The media was present for these directions. These directions and the media practitioners’ knowledge of Voir Dire proceedings, should have guided the said members of the media in attendance at the Hearing.

The Covening Officer has however, at his disposal, the ability to dissolve this current Court Martial and convene a new trial at another date.