In 2011 several soldiers, through their own initiative and personal expense, started a small agricultural project which produced vegetables at Paragon Base and St. Ann’s Fort.  This produce augmented what was begin purchased by the BDF for use in its kitchens.

In 2013 a small agricultural garden was also established at the Coast Guard base, HMBS PELICAN, and this project produced cabbage, cucumbers, soya beans, chives, thyme, marjoram, dill, sweet basil, lettuce, paw-paw, passion fruit and bananas.

It is envisioned that the BDF’s Farm Project will expand to include a wider variety of fruits, vegetables and root crops and incorporate the rearing of chicken, rabbits, black belly sheep and pond cultivated fish.

The main objectives of the Farm Project are to reduce the Force’s food bill and provide a wider array of produce in the aim of improving the health of the members of the Force.

Green house farming at St Ann’s Fort

Garden farm at St Ann’s Fort

BCG Farming Project