United Kingdom’s 4 RIFLES Trains Alongside

The Barbados Defence Force

BDF Media Release | 27 May 2018
Photography credit: 4 RIFLES


Following on the successful partnership with UK Joint Task Force for operations (Op RUMAN) in 2017 and through the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB), HQ BDF hosted a 12-man infantry team (including a doctor) over the period 14 – 27 May 2018. 


The programme of activity saw the delivery of bespoke training in the subject areas of marksmanship, patrolling, section and platoon leadership and tactics, care under fire/medical evacuations from hostile scenarios and advanced medical skills to include hygiene in austere field environments. Land-based search and rescue disaster response training was also included with BDF instructors sharing their knowledge and skills with 4 RIFLES’ personnel.

This advanced medical skills subject area was particularly useful for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief tasks such as needed in response to severe weather systems impact like the BDF’s 2017 experience on Operation SUPPETIOR in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

BDF soldier engaged in training.

The BDF benefitted from 4 RIFLES’ visit as they shared their experiences to enhance professional military skills and tactics relevant to modern operational environments.  The project also represented a valued and timely addition to the BDF’s training trajectory and programmes.