Pioneer Vitaly Wilkinson Travels to Australia

BDF Media Release| 23 Jan 19

Photography credit: Corporal Maynard D 

The mission of the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme is to develop a unique body of highly trained athletes in various sports, capable of representing the nation at the highest levels of competition, and to be well-rounded in their social, educational and moral development. Since its inception, the BDF SP athletes, such as Pioneer (Pnr) Vitaly Wilkinson, have performed creditably in their respective disciplines. 

Pnr Wilkinson V has been awarded a cricketing attachment to Keilor Cricket Club in Australia. Wilkinson who enlisted in the BDF SP in 2015 and has developed into a talented all-rounder and displays extraordinary skills as a fielder.

In 2017, he received the Barbados Cricket Association’s award for the Most Catches in a T|20 competition.

Sgt Grant T (left), NCO in charge of the BDF SP is seen here providing Pnr Wilkinson V (right) with words of encouragement on his future endeavours.